Faultless Carpet Cleaning, Lincolnshire

As well as our domestic and commercial cleaning services, Spire provides carpet cleaning in Lincolnshire as an additional service.

Affordable, Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets get a huge amount of wear and tear as the months go by and before you know it, you’re worrying about that stubborn stain that nothing seems to lift.

Our steam cleaning service allows a residue free deep clean, without the wearing down of carpet fibres. It’s the best way to provide professional results and spotless rugs and carpets.

  • Eco friendly chemicals and procedures used throughout the process
  • Competitive rates for all carpet cleaning
  • Steam cleaning with professional equipment
  • No hidden charges or nasty surprises
  • Punctual, on time appointments

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Tough stains stand no chance with our carpet cleaning equipment and expertise

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Keeping your carpets in good health

Carpet manufacturers recommend a steam clean every 12 to 18 months to maintain their condition; replacing your carpets can be incredibly expensive, so it pays to keep them topped up and in great health.

Attention to detail: the cleaning process

We use a number of different processes to ensure that your carpets are left with a fresh from the showroom feel

We start by vacuuming the room to ensure that all loose dirt and debris is removed before cleaning. Once that’s out of the way, we finish off your rugs and carpets with a deep scrub. Our steam cleaning equipment literally lifts the dirt and stains away before your eyes, with nothing left behind; no residue or chemicals.

  • Special attention paid to heavy traffic areas, stains odour and spots
  • Fast drying times - our cleaning equipment only uses as much moisture as is needed
  • Extensive inspection with the customer. We encourage homeowners to point out particular problem areas.

Helpful & Dedicated

Our carpet cleaning in Lincolnshire service is teamed up with dedication and expertise every step of the way. We work in conjunction with you to provide a high quality service that best suits your needs, at affordable rates that won't break the bank.

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